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Makeup Tips For The End Of The Summer

Summer is the best time to have time outside on a sunny day. Most of these days are hot and your makeup usually melts, eyeliner slides and lipstick gets sticky. The usual way you put your makeup dosnt work well on a hot and humid day. I will share some tips with you that will help you keep your beauty in tact no matter ho hot or humid it is outside.

Usually I use these tips when I work at photo shoots with models at exotic and hot locations.


always spare some time to put quality primer. It goes on right after your moisturizer. Primer is a very good way to keep your makeup in tact when there are very hot and humid conditions. It provides very smooth base for your makeup and it does not feel like an additional layer on your face.

Lighter Makeup

when it is hot you try to put lighter clothes such as linens and breezy skirts to feel more comfortable. Do the same thing with your makeup to make your face breathe easier and make it feel better. I usually use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, because it gives that airy feeling to your skin, it also does not turn cakey on a hot day. If tinted moisturizer is not enough I always recommend brushing foundation aver the areas where you need to. This way you can cover blemishes or areas or redness.


bronzer is a great solution if you want to make your eyes look bigger and your teeth appear whiter. But I you add too much of it you will look unnatural. I always apply bronzer to the cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin as those areas are the high points on your face. I also recommend applying some bronzer to your neck and ear lobes, especially if you have lighter skin. If you will not apply bronzer to neck and earlobes the whole makeup will look fake. It is best to use powder bronzer with a brush that has long and loose bristles. This way you will not apply too much powder.

New Colors

I always recommend using more vibrant colors for those summer days. It will add more youthful look to your face. Summer tis the right time when you can match colors to your outfit, which is more than likely will be colorful and playful. The best time to experiment with colors, are parties and trips to the beach.

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